FAQ: Talent Acquisition

This page answers some common questions regarding talent acquisition, specifically for voice providers and existing characters, for our Mikoto singing synthesis platform.

Can I apply to get my voicebank on Mikoto Studio?

At ExpressiveLabs, we exclusively scout talents ourselves. This means that we are the party to reach out to voice providers. It is not possible to apply as a voice provider. We select our talents based on a variety of criteria: voice uniqueness, character, singing skill, et cetera. While recommendations are welcome, any selections we make are based solely on the assessment from our skilled voice and character development experts.

Can I donate singing voice data for Mikoto Studio?

Although we have considered accepting data donations, it is currently not possible to add your own recordings to our data collection. As part of our strict guidelines on Ethical AI, we believe it is our duty to verify the origin of every audio recording we use in our commercial products or the development thereof. As of right now, we do not have the capacity nor technological capabilities to reliably determine this for large volumes of data, so we cannot accept external data donations.

Are you a talent agency?

Nope! We do not represent our talents in any way, shape, or form. Due to the nature of the work, the people we partner with are often already managed by a talent agency or manager. We only collaborate for the purposes of creating and promoting a Mikoto singing voice library.

Can I work at ExpressiveLabs?

We currently do not have any job openings on our team. We do, however, reach out to local development teams for language R&D and localization assistance. If you believe your team has enough experience to provide us with valuable input for the development of support for your native language, please get in touch via e-mail or fill out the contact form. If you want to contribute your coding skills, check out the various open-source projects we're working on.

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