The story of ExpressiveLabs

We're a young company from Zwolle, the Netherlands, focusing on fluent experiences for end-users in the singing synthesis market. Through modern technology, rapid prototyping and a user-focused approach to iterative design, we're able to deliver on the expectations of our customers in very little time. Thanks to our in-house infrastructure and tools, we can offer all-in-one solutions for enterprise customers, and provide user-tailored experiences for consumers all over the world.

Consumer products

Our main product development efforts are focused on our revolutionary singing synthesis platform Mikoto. Besides research and development of this groundbreaking synthesis engine, we also direct special attention to inclusive design, intuitive interaction, and community participation.

Values and ethics

We believe that new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, can be of great help to artists and musicians around the world. We do not, however, believe that these technologies can (or should) replace creators. We will always take care to ensure our products meet these requirements and develop new projects from this philosophy.

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Demonstrating our flagship singing synthesizer Mikoto Studio at Night of the Nerds 2023, showcasing creative uses of Artificial Intelligence to high school students from the Eindhoven region.

The skills of ExpressiveLabs

New technology

We use the newest tools and tech available

Musicians at heart

We're experts in music software development

Powers combined

We house many disciplines under one roof


We work in quick iterations to deliver faster


Most of our tools are developed in-house

The people of ExpressiveLabs


Co-founder, lead developer

Layetri is an experienced music software developer and designer, about to graduate with a BSc in Music & Technology from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands. Their research areas include sound synthesis and user experience design.
Apart from their activities as the company's general director, they also lead the development of Mikoto Studio, our flagship singing synthesis product. They're in charge of talent acquisition, project management, and product design.

Jay Dawson

Co-founder, creative director

Jay is a talented artist and graphic designer, specializing in character design. In this position, he is responsible for creating the mascots for various ExpressiveLabs products, most notably the characters of our virtual singer lineup.
Jay is the creative manager of Mikoto Studio, and is in charge of the creative vision of the entire lineup. Together with Layetri, he is responsible for the overall company strategy and management.

Wouter Besse

Lead AI engineer

Wouter is a highly skilled audio software developer and AI researcher, who graduated with a BA in Music & Technology from HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, the Netherlands. He specializes in audio processing, with a focus on ML-aided noise removal in recorded speech.
At ExpressiveLabs, he leads the Artificial Intelligence team in their research, developing the majority of the AI solutions used in our Mikoto Studio product.

Wouter Ensink

Technology advisor, software architect

Wouter is a highly skilled audio software developer, specialized in systems programming, DSP and software architecture. Right now he is nearing completion of his Music & Technology degree at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, for which he is developing interactive training software for guitarists in the form of a mobile app.
Within his role at ExpressiveLabs, Wouter provides expertise on emerging technologies and contributes significantly to the technical foundations of Mikoto Studio.


Engine developer, voicebank producer

UtaUtaUtau is an experienced singing synthesis software user and developer. Over the years, he has made many contributions to the vocal synth community, mainly for independent AI singing synthesis development. He is studying Computer Science at his local college.
At ExpressiveLabs, he is part of the development team for Mikoto Studio. He works on both synthesis engines and various other system components. Besides development, he also contributes his knowledge and years of experience to researching this next generation of singing synthesis tech.


Language engineer

PaintedCz is a long-time user of singing synthesis software, well-known for innovating language support for the UTAU software. For the past 15 years, they have developed and standardized a number of approaches that are commonly used to this day, including CVVC and VCCV English.
Their expertise and years of experience continue to grow at ExpressiveLabs, where they research new approaches to language support and coordinate both first and third-party language R&D efforts.

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